Initial Visit and Consultation

After contacting us we will arrange an initial visit to discuss your garden and introduce you to the design process. At this meeting we discuss all the issues, your tastes and requirements, to the extent of formulating a brief and setting the parameters for the design. Subsequently we will be able to provide you with a Fee Proposal for at least the first stage of any design work, usually a Garden Masterplan.

Site Survey

An accurate survey of the existing garden is required before any design work can take place. This is undertaken a land surveyor and shows the boundaries, existing vegetation, features and levels all relative to the house.

Masterplan / Outline Plan

The garden design consists a Masterplan together with artists impressions and supporting visuals to show you how the final garden will look. It acts as a discussion document allowing us to present our ideas and talk through any changes you may wish to make, as well as being a blueprint for project phasing (if necessary) and further detail design work.

Layout Plan and Specification

The Layout Plan incorporates any amendments agreed with you and is the larger scale, detailed Plan from which a landscape contractor will be able to cost, set out and build the garden. A Specification, together with any necessary construction details of specific garden features, will accompany the Plan.

Planting Plan and Schedule

The Planting Plan shows the location and spacing of all the plants, both new and existing, in the design. The accompanying Plant Schedule lists the plant names, sizes and quantities and is used for costing, ordering and setting out the plants.

Project Monitoring

To ensure a satisfactory outcome we are available to monitor the progress of the garden as it is being implemented and make site inspection visits as required.

Planting and Maintenance

After the garden has been constructed we we are able to source, supply and set out all the plants in your garden and organise the planting if required. We can also prepare easy to understand Maintenance Guides to ease you gently into caring for your new garden.